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Fire Emblem: Awakening Keeps Me Awake

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 13, 2014, 10:58 AM

So, I recently got Fire Emblem: Awakening for my 3DS. Again. Because the first time I accidentally deleted 36 hours of progress and decided I'd never want to play it again, thus selling it. Recently, however, after about a year now, I started yearning to play it again, so I picked it back up and, in just under 26 hours, finished the story on Hard-Classic just a couple days ago. I now spend my time grinding my heroes to great strength and building their relationships as I prepare for the DLC before deciding to full-on tackle Lunatic difficulty.

I am also working on a wallpaper inspired by the game, though I'll admit that it's quite difficult since it's going to be the first thing I've done in a long time that's more complex than ponies and will still involve art that I had to create entirely from scratch. That being said, though, I have a teaser to throw out for any fans of the game to see, and maybe that'll hold you off. I've already finished the easiest part of it, and I'm well under way finishing the hard part, but due to my work schedule and the fact that I wanna do other stuff, too, on my time off, it'll take a bit before I get it up, maybe even until next week.

That being said, here's the preview:

It involves two characters, and one of them is obvious. See if you can figure out who the other is by that silhouette. :D

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to play the game again for a bit. @_@

MLP: Fluttershy stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Rainbow Dash stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Pinkie Pie stamp by Janbearpig
:iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz: Friendship IS Magic by Mistralla:iconblankspotplz::iconblankspotplz:
MLP: Rarity stamp by JanbearpigMLP: AppleJack stamp by JanbearpigMLP: Twilight Sparkle by Janbearpig
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Nick Brewer
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United States
Salutations, good deviant!

First I would like to thank you for visiting my page! Everyone who enjoys my art is just one more reason for me to continue to making it, and I appreciate your support greatly if you're a fan. If you're not and just stumbled on me, then I hope you like my works, and feel free to comment what you think!

I have been known by a couple other aliases here on this site before settling on NicolasNSane. You may have seen me before as Nicolai-B or Demonbarber92. I've always been a relatively obscure artist here on dA, and the only remote popularity I have stems solely from the fact that I make pony art. If you enjoy My Little Pony, you can bet that there will be art of it coming from me in the future!

However, don't get your hopes up for frequent updates. I don't make art too often anymore, so it's often far and between that I put up new pieces. I also commonly use other artists' pieces to formulate wallpapers, which are often my most popular pieces. But if you're looking for completely original art, this likely isn't the place for you, and I apologize for that, but I play to my strengths, you know?

Now, enough chatter, I suppose. Enjoy your stay on my page! ^^

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sailio717 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Just wanted to drop by and say I really like your minimalist wallpapers, keep up the good work!
NicolasNSane Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey, thanks! I'm glad you like them! I'm sorry I'm really inactive, but I might have something new up soon. ^^
DiedsenBoy Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Happy b-day!
NicolasNSane Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, it was a fun day. ^^
Darkdarling98 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist
:iconcolorfulsparklesplz: Happy birthday! :iconrainbowbummiecakeplz: :party: :iconrenarikaspinplz: Hope you have an really awesome day! :iconlovelyhugplz: :iconcolorfulsparklesplz:
NicolasNSane Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, it was a really awesome day indeed! Got myself a Vita, actually. :3
Darkdarling98 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist
Ooh~ Nice!
NicolasNSane Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, let me rephrase that, as I made it sound like I bought one for myself. My awesome girlfriend bought me one for my birthday. :D
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FeatherSpiral Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I know we haven't spoken much, in fact I'm barely online (and even left the forums). But I still wanted to wish you a habby b-day cuz I happened to be on. <3
NicolasNSane Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, don't worry, I'm not online on here very much, either. And I left the forums as well. But thanks, it was a good birthday. :)
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